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We hear all the time from people with Rosacea that they have given up on finding anything gentle enough for their skin. They become so accustomed to breakouts or pain or itching that they finally just stop trying everything.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Rosacea is a skin condition where blood vessels in the face enlarge, giving the skin a flushed appearance. Sometimes people develop bumps; other times people experience itchiness or sensitivity. If you have these conditions, you may want to check with your dermatologist to be sure!

We designed Alywillow products with sensitive skin in mind, but Rosacea is a situation that requires a more intentional approach. Even with our extra gentle, 100% plant formulas we must be cautious when introducing new products for these hypersensitive individuals.

If you think you may have Rosacea or if your skin seems to break out from EVERYTHING, follow these steps to ensure a positive Alywillow experience.

  1. Get a Sample packet.
    1. Our Hypersensitive Samples packs include bar cleanser samples of Warrior and Unscented.
    2. You can find samples at our 3 Raleigh locations or from a Certified Representative in your area.
  2. Use the Warrior cleanser first.
    1. This is the ideal formula since it can help improve the health of the circulatory system. Eventually we'd love for you to wash your whole body with this formula, but for now just try it on a small part of the face.
    2. If it is too intense or you feel flaking or burning - don't use it again. Switch to the Unscented sample instead.
    3. Try your cleanser samples over the course of a week to ensure compatibility. If you're still having trouble after a week, you may want to sit down with one of our Specialists for a complimentary facial consultation.
  3. Let's assume one of the samples worked perfectly for your skin. Go ahead and buy a bar and use it all over!
  4. Try a moisturizer
    1. Visit one of our stores or your Certified Rep to try our moisturizers on your skin.
    2. We have levels of moisturizer designed for Normal to Ultra Dry skin so we can find you a perfect match.
    3. Match your formula to your cleanser. If you are using a Warrior Cleanser, try a Warrior Moisturizer first. You may be able to branch out into other formulas, but initially we want to stick with things your body has already loved.

Most people will pause here for a while. Spend some time letting your skin adjust to the new routine and the new products. Then, if you would like to try something else, our Harmony Spray Toner can help to even skin tones and reduce redness. Make sure to visit our store to try it before you buy it.

It is really easy to shock this skin type if you try too many things all at once so always remember to introduce one product at a time.

If you are dealing with Rosacea, know that it's possible to get relief. It's possible to calm the irritation. It's possible to sooth the pain or burn. It is possible and we are here to help you!